Adrien Sgandurra, studied film theory at the University of Montreal and graduated from the renowned art institution ÉCAL (Lausanne) . Mainly working as a still life photographer on editorial and commercial projects, he seamlessly integrates a documentary approach into his work, imbuing it with a candid and poetic perspective.


His compositions play with the duality between modern iconic constructions and genuine captures, in search of truth and beauty within the seemingly mundane.


Represented by Marlowe Paris Agency.

Currently working in Paris (FR) and Lausanne (CH).




Yes! , Studio Thom Pfister, Bern

Gallerie D’Hiver, Artbongard, Verbier

Artificialisation du Terroir, Gallery Marie Borgia, Arles

Gallery Artbongard, Freestudio, Geneva.

Artificialisation du Terroir, Vevey Images, Vevey

Credo, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne

Hyper Media LAB, Rencontres d’Arles, Arles

Corps-concepts, Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon

Half time, Galerie ELAC, Lausann




Mint Magazine, 10 years

Bound Magazine

Revue Maison

Silhouette Magazine HS N1 - Ultra Parfum

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Digital Primitive

Digital Primitive Digital Primitive is a project that documents the practices of some enthusiasts, researchers, archaeologists, who practice crafts or use primitive craft techniques to give life to what is usually found behind the display cases of a museum. In the contemporary world, this hobby takes on the appearance of a protest against a life that is going too fast. From this comes its name of Digital Primitive.


Subjective Archive

Through its cultural and artistic influence, the city of Venice has marked many centuries of history. However, the massive influx of tourists and climate change weaken its cultural heritage. The city tends to become a mere scenery of its own representation. By filming Venice in fixed shots, I build a database. Distancing myself from the frozen iconography of the city, I extract images of its life as it unfolds. The resulting «Subjective Archive» is the experience of a singular stroll via a web platform: a voluntarily partial and subjective archive of the actors of everyday life in Venice.


Seiyō no me

More than a confrontation, «Seiyō no me» presents a dialogue between the representation of a culture and its actual discovery. Japan has a strong identity, the image I have of this distant country has been built for many years. Over the course of the readings but above all of the films and directors who were kind enough to reveal behaviours, places and customs, I built an imagination. Once passed through many airport gates and boarding areas. I was there, with my Western eyes, and my shaped eye was looking to recognize what I had seen so much.


Artificialisation du Terroir

For over 7000 years, man, then the winemaker and now the biologist, have been cultivating the vine and developing the territory. The vine, anarchic in its wild state, is controlled in space and in its biological cycle. With «Artificialisation du Terroir» , two notions are confronted: the terroir, a set of lands in a region considered the refuge of habits, traditions, tastes typically regional, with the process of artificialization through which man modifies the environment. Nowadays , genetic research enables us to create more resistant, hybrid vines with many oenological properties. In parallel, the increasingly frequent use of drone dusters and have a direct impact on the daily activities of winegrowers, whose craft is undoubtedly one of the most traditional. Inspired by technological evolution, this series of images reveals the secret and futur challenges of winegrowing .


Zones Commerciales et Pavillonnaires

Located just 20 minutes from my hometown is one of Europe's largest shopping areas: the Avignon Nord shopping district. Its unrestrained development is reshaping habits, altering our way of life, and transforming the landscape. With the automobile at its core, bridging work, commercial centers, and residential pavilions, the village undergoes a metamorphosis into a dormitory suburb. One can witness the drive towards 'this modernity' along with the enduring policies that have shaped it over the years, and the upheavals it engenders



Dams are remarkable structures, almost sacred in their presence. Standing beneath one feels akin to being at the base of the pyramids, surrounded by immensity. Man shapes the landscape, channeling the force of water with the steady movement of mountains. Inside these palace-like buildings, screens display water flows like stock exchange figures, capturing our attention like faithful devotees in a temple of modernity. These installations mark a significant chapter in Swiss history, showcasing technical advancements. However, like any deity, these attempts to control nature can have devastating effects.


Wat Buddhavihara

Between 2017 and 2018, a team of sociologists from the Intercantonal Information Center on Beliefs (CIC) identified, located, and documented approximately 800 religious and spiritual communities established in Switzerland. They then commissioned an ECAL Bachelor Photography class, under the direction of Matthieu Gafsou, to travel through the canton to meet around twenty of these communities. This series is the result, a documentary study of the Wat Buddhavihara Buddhist Monastery (Thailand) in Échallens and its community in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland).





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